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CMS - First ever Government Department gets BOS ISO 9001:2008 QMS certified
History is made every day and 19th February 2013 proved to be one such day. This is the day the nation witnessed Central Medical Stores (CMS), a Government Department, being handed their first ever Quality Management Systems certification – BOS ISO 9001:2008.  Certification is a process and we saw this process evolve in the eve of April 2011 when CMS chose Botswana Bureau of Standards as their preferred certification body. Certification is a process that requires commitment and ownership from top management and cascades to all levels in an organization.
CMS went through rigorous audit activities involving a two stage audit process, corrective actions; follow up audit which all eventually culminated in certification in November 2012 – a notable achievement by CMS. Being QMS certified, organizations pledges to providing service that consistently conforms to requirements specified in the BOS ISO 9001:2008 standard which include aspects such as procurement, records management, product realization, preventive and corrective actions and so forth, in response to the common desire of satisfying customers, as this is a customer focused standard.


As a BOS 9001:2008 certified organization, CMS will have the privilege to fly BOS ISO 9001:2008 certification flag at its certified premises, as well as to use the BOBS QMS certification logo on publicity and advertising material for promotional purposes. CMS is however, obliged to ensure that there is continued satisfaction and conformance with the requirements that form the basis of this certification, to maintain the certification status. BOBS will monitor conformance through surveillance audits at pre-determined intervals.


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