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Departments of BOBS


​Department ​Responsibility
​Business Development

Identifies and harnessing new business opportunities brought about by research, marketing of products and services and liaising with stakeholders of the organization. Focuses on the coordinating of activities such as corporate business strategy, marketing and communication strategy amongst others. It includes the following Units: marketing and Communications, Business Development, Corporate Strategy and Quality Office. 

​Corporate Services

Responsible for staff issues including employment, welfare, salaries amongst others. The department is also responsible for managing the assets of the organization, as well as offering telecommunications services. 

​Regulatory Compliance

Responsible for the protection of health and safety of human, plant, animal and plant lives. It has two Units being Compulsory Standards Regulates and Trade Metrology. The Department implements both the Standards Act and the Weights & Measures Act and its Regulations.  

​Commercial Enterprise

Offers commercial services in the areas of Certification in both management systems and product certification, Training, Testing  and Laboratory services.  


Responsible for developing, reviewing and sale of standards to enhance trade, protect the consumers and the environment as per the Standards Act. 

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