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Compulsory Standards Unit
The Mission of BOBS is to establish national standards, to promote and facilitate their implementation. There are two kinds of standards, namely the voluntary and compulsory standards (Technical regulations). These standards differ primarily in their implementation processes.
Whereas Stakeholders have a choice in implementing the former, they do not have the same liberty with the latter. That means compulsory standards are enforceable by Law whereas voluntary standards are not and this enforcement of compulsory standards is provided for in the Standards Act, Section 13, which states that any one violating a compulsory standard is committing an offense.
Section 14 of the same Act provides for Fines and Penalties for such offenses and it states that, anyone found guilty of violating a compulsory standard is liable for imprisonment of 3 years and a fine of P3000.00.
It should be noted that Botswana is a member state of World Trade Organization (WTO), so BOBS takes into account the demands of WTO Technical Barriers to Trade (WTO-TBT) Regulations and Code of good Practice during the process of establish compulsory standards.
The WTO-TBT Regulations and Code of good practice among others provides the Criteria for establishing and implementing technical regulations, and also cautions against making them unnecessarily too stringent for fear of the resultant non-compliance and the implications of such as well as creating Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT).
The Compulsory Standards Unit (CSU) within BOBS is responsible for the enforcement of implementation of compulsory standards and the implementation of Standards (Import Inspection) Regulations (Botswana Product Conformity Programme).
Email: csu@bobstandards.bw
Tel: 390 3200
Fax: 313 3562



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