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Draft Standards
Botswana Bureau of Standards (BOBS) was established under the Standards Act No.16 of 1995 to formulate national standards, promote and facilitate their implementation with a view to improving industrial competitiveness and efficiency to enhance trade, and protect the consumer and the environment. The formulation of Botswana Standards is done through a consultative process and general consensus principle through technical committees. These technical committees are made up of experts from different stakeholders to ensure balanced representation.
During the preparation of Botswana Standards, assistance is mainly derived from other standards from national, regional and/ or international standardization bodies and adopted or adapted to suite our cultural, climatic, industrial or economic environment.
As part of the consultation process BOBS, before adopting a standard, allows for the submission of comments on the draft standard by interested parties, who are directly and indirectly affected by the standard, for a minimum period of 60 day.
To view advertisements entailing lists of Drafts circulated for public comments follow the links below, and contact BOBS for further information:

Draft Standards ​Deadline
2021-2022 Draft Standards
Advert NO 04 2021-2022.pdfAdvert NO 04 2021-2022.pdf
​18 August 2021
Advert NO 03 2021-2022.pdfAdvert NO 03 2021-2022.pdf ​16 August 2021
Advert NO 02 2021-2022.pdfAdvert NO 02 2021-2022.pdf ​25 August 2021
Advert NO 01 2021-2022.pdfAdvert NO 01 2021-2022.pdf ​18 August 2021
2020-2021 Draft Standards
Advert No 17-2020-2021.pdfAdvert No 17-2020-2021.pdf ​11 June 2021
Advert No 16-2020-2021.pdfAdvert No 16-2020-2021.pdf ​10 April 2021
Advert No 15-2020-2021.pdfAdvert No 15-2020-2021.pdf ​12 March 2021
Advert No 14-2020-2021.pdfAdvert No 14-2020-2021.pdf ​12 February 2021
Advert No 13-2020-2021.pdfAdvert No 13-2020-2021.pdf ​19 March 2021
Advert No 12-2020-2021.pdfAdvert No 12-2020-2021.pdf ​19 March 2021
Advert No 11-2020-2021.pdfAdvert No 11-2020-2021.pdf ​13 January 2021
Advert No 10-2020-2021.pdfAdvert No 10-2020-2021.pdf ​13 January 2021
Advert No 9-2020-2021.pdfAdvert No 9-2020-2021.pdf ​13 January 2021
Advert No 8-2020-2021.pdfAdvert No 8-2020-2021.pdf ​15 December 2020
Advert No 7-2020-2021.pdfAdvert No 7-2020-2021.pdf ​16 November 2020
Advert No 6-2020-2021.pdfAdvert No 6-2020-2021.pdf ​04 December 2020
Advert No 5-2020-2021.pdfAdvert No 5-2020-2021.pdf ​04 December 2020
Advert No 4-2020-2021.pdfAdvert No 4-2020-2021.pdf ​05 November 2020
Advert No 3-2020-2021.pdfAdvert No 3-2020-2021.pdf
​15 October 2020
Advert No 2-2020-2021.pdfAdvert No 2-2020-2021.pdf ​08 October 2020
Advert No 1-2020-2021.pdfAdvert No 1-2020-2021.pdf
​30 August 2020


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