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Metrology, the science of measurement Quite simply, provides a basic, yet invisible, underpinning to almost every aspect of human activity. The science of measurement has a hand in making everything around us - at least everything that is man-made – function. Metrology through calibration (checking accuracy of equipment) ensures that equipment used in testing food purity is reliable and accurate, ensures reliability of equipment used to monitor chemical traces and toxins in the environment, ensures accurate medical equipment for accurate diagnosis by doctors and traceable measurements support measurement compatibility thus removing barriers to trade.
Botswana Bureau of Standards is mandated to provide or to arrange for calibration of equipment used by the industry to ensure accuracy and reliability of such equipment and subsequently quality of products.  To meet the demand for measurement traceable to International System of Units (SI Units) and reliable measurement results by the industry BOBS use measurement standards traceable to SI units and implementation of quality system- accredited in the areas of temperature and dimension.
In order to fulfill the above mandate BOBS provide calibration service in the areas of temperature, dimension, pressure, force, electrical, volume, torque, time and frequency and bio-safety cabinets.



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