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BOBS endeavours to serve Batswana through standardisation and quality assurance activities, which will bring about improved life through globally accepted standards of the environment, goods, and services.
What is certification?
Certification is written assurance, by a third party(BOBS), that a product, process or service conforms to specified requirements.
If you are a supplier, certification supports your claims that your product/service conforms to the requirements of an appropriate standard, and thus helps to promote its competitiveness and marketability.
If you are a buyer, certification is testimony from an independent body that you are buying a product/service, which meets the requirements of an appropriate standard.
Certification is thus the vital link between standards for products/service and the products/services themselves.
Ms. N. Mlobeli
Email: mlobeli@bobstandards.bw
Tel: 390 3200
Fax: 390 3120

Ms G. Mabiletsa
Email: mabiletsa@bobstandards.bw
Tel: 390 3200
Fax: 390 3120
Mrs. V. B. Matseka
Email: matseka@bobstandards.bw
Tel: 390 3200
Fax: 390 3120



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