Tests carried out in laboratories are done in order to make important decisions. It is essential therefore, to operate quality control or assurance schemes to monitor and improve the reliability of data originating from these laboratories. Such schemes reinforce an interest in quality control and provide the basis for review and corrective action in those laboratories where data do not meet criteria of acceptability. Schemes such as those are an integral requirement of laboratory management systems such as BOS ISO/IEC 17025: General requirements for the competence of calibration and testing laboratories.BOBS is coordinating one such scheme in the name of NQCSES in the following areas:
  1. Engineering Materials (Soils aggregates and cube crushing)
  2. Chemical (Water, Food analysis and Geochemical)
  3. Microbiology (Water and Food analysis) 
Application forms for participation in any of the above schemes are to be obtained from Botswana Bureau of Standards. Contact the Scheme Coordinator at Botswana Bureau of Standards for more information on each one of the schemes.

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